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Hop Events

At Hopkins, we offer a number of ways for students to connect and engage with one another outside of their formal, academic program.  It is so important, even in this time of separation, to form intentional communities for support and fun!  Our summer student clubs give you an opportunity to connect with other students from around the world.

Summer Events

Pop Up Events

Pop Up events are instructor or staff led that occur onetime that allow students to try new things.

Special HOP Events

Students will have the opportunity to participate in contests during their program. This will allow students the opportunity to share their talents on a larger scale.

2020 HOP Events:

Subject to change

  • HOP Online Summerbook Photo Contest
  • Music Showcase
  • Art Contest

HOP Talks

HOP Talks are live or record events hosted from expert speakers in various fields.


Summer at Hopkins offers various workshops throughout the summer to ensure that every student  devlops skills, gain expert knowledge, and have the opportunity to network with others.

2020 Workshops:

Subject to change

  • Career Services
  • College Admissions Process Overview
  • Financial Aid
  • Wellness

How to Participate in Pop Up Events, Special HOP Events, Workshops, & Hop Talks

Announcements of events will be provided via email throughout the summer to enrolled HOP online students. Events will also be posted on our  HOP Events Board.