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Hop Clubs

At Hopkins, we offer a number of ways for students to connect and engage with one another outside of their formal, academic program.  It is so important, even in this time of separation, to form intentional communities for support and fun!  Our summer student clubs give you an opportunity to connect with other students from around the world.

Hop Clubs
Summer at Hopkins offers a variety of virtual student clubs that are designed to appeal to a wide audience. HOP clubs are a great way to connect with students from across the country and the world and build your resume. Live events will be hosted by student leaders and an assigned a JHU staff member. Students enrolled in any Hop online program can participate.

Summer 2020 Clubs

Are you interested in attending Johns Hopkins as an undergraduate? If so, join this club to learn more about the Hopkins experience.
  • Led by current Johns Hopkins University undergraduate students
  • Learn what it’s like to be a Johns Hopkins University undergraduate student
  • Acquire more information about the Johns Hopkins University student affairs, housing & dinning
  • Participate in a virtual tour of JHU
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Disclaimer. There is no relationship between JHU Summer Programs, the Hopkins Experience Club, and the JHU Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Participation in the Hopkins Experience Club will not result in advantages in admission to Johns Hopkins University.
Don't just sit around this summer! Get moving and make more of your time by joining our virtual Health & Fitness Club.
  • Get tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, relieve stress, and increase your self-esteem
  • Learn new work out routines and healthy eating habits
  • Work out with a buddy
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The Biology Club is a great way for persons interested in biological sciences to gather, exchange ideas, and learn the latest news in the field.
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The purpose of the Psychology Club is to promote a great understanding of the field of psychology and brain sciences. If you are interested in psychology, neuroscience, cognitive, or linguistic sciences, join us this summer.
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The Photography Club is a great way to get to know one another using photography. You will have the ability to share your own photographs to tell a story. For example, your favorite places to visit, pictures that identify your hobbies, culture, and the food you enjoy to eat. At the end of the session, you will develop a “Look Book” with everyone’s top pictures that can be spotlighted on our Instagram page.
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Not enough cooks in the kitchen? Join the Hop Online Summer Cooking Club! The Cooking Club lets you follow your passion for fine cuisine AND meet people from around the world.
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Attending a great school like Johns Hopkins is itself a cultural immersion. Don't miss out just because your summer at JHU is online. The Cultural Immersion Club exists to help generate awareness, understanding, and appreciate of cultures, diversity, and values.
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Meet peers who share your passion for addressing today's most pressing public health issues. The first step to solving a water crisis begins with a single idea!
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If you have an idea for a "virtual" summer club at Johns Hopkins, propose it to the Summer Programs Office and volunteer to be a student leader. Email us at with your ideas and suggestions.

HOP Club Enrollment Information

We need each club to have a minimum of 10 students participating in each session in order for the club session to run.

HOP Club Time Commitment & Schedule

Each club session will be offered 1 hour twice a week. The club schedule will be posted on the HOP Events Board. The club leader will also email you the schedule.

Be a Club Leader

Enrolled HOP online students will be selected to serve for their desired club and are eligible to apply. Ideally, we will have co-leaders in each club. Selected students will be asked to have a virtual individual interview. Club leaders will be selected by our values stated above in addition to student’s ability to support and work with other students. Students who are interested in leading a club please email the Pre-College Director at by Monday, May 25th.

  • Promote interaction among groups of students during small group discussions, icebreakers, and activities
  • Facilitate group interactions
  • Work closely and cooperate with other Leaders, JHU Staff & Faculty, and other campus administrators to develop, prepare, implement, and evaluate club activities
  • Provide administrative support for the club, including preparation of materials
  • Assist with and support all aspects of the club
  • Create and disseminate emails
  • Take notes as needed
  • Prior campus or high school involvement in work-study, club leadership, or other campus roles
  • Exhibit a positive attitude and ability to motivate others
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to work effectively and collaboratively with diverse groups of people

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