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Summer Online Proctor Policies

Exams in your summer online course may be conducted online or in hand-written form. Your instructor may require that exams be proctored. He or she will provide details about exam expectations, but it is your responsibility to find a qualified individual to serve as your proctor. To be successful in your course, you must follow your instructor’s directions carefully.

Your instructor will distribute a Proctor Certification Form at the beginning of the course, and you must verify qualified individuals to serve as a proctor for each exam.

These persons are acceptable as proctors:

  • A professional test-taking center at a college or university. A non-comprehensive list can be found at the NCTA website
  • College instructors, staff, administrators, libraries
  • Public library staff
  • High school staff, such as teachers, principals, headmasters, or administrators


The persons are unacceptable as proctors:

  • Family & friends
  • Co-Workers (including supervisors, managers, etc.)
  • Athletic coaches
  • Pastor, Rabbi, or spiritual guide


Online Proctoring

While in-person proctoring is preferred, in cases where you are unable to secure a qualified individual to serve as your exam proctor, your instructor may permit use of an online proctoring service, such as Use of an online proctor service will be at your expense.

Hand-Written Exams

Instructors may require exams to be hand-written (not taken online). In such cases, your proctor will be asked to send a digital (scanned) copy of the exam to the instructor within 24 hours of the exam’s completion. At the discretion of the instructor, he or she may be asked to send the original in a self-addressed, stamped envelope that you provide.  Please take caution to affix the proper postage.