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Summer Online Courses at JHU

About Summer Online Courses at Johns Hopkins University

Behold the power of increased flexibility!

You are busy in the summer. You want it all. You want to work, have some fun, and make progress in your degree program. Let us help.

With summer online courses, you can have your summer and Johns Hopkins, too. You can work, or take that all-important internship, and continue to pace yourself on the path to graduation. The flexibility you need to fit coursework and your summer together.

Who Can Take a Summer Online Course at JHU

Summer online courses at Johns Hopkins are for just about everyone. JHU undergraduates and visiting college students can put credit earned in an online course to work right away in their degrees. Pre-college students can start college early by earning credit early, for potential transfer later at the university they attend. Adult students looking to advance in their career, test the waters after a period away from the classroom, or just wanting to kick their brains into gear, can enroll in a summer online course and make the most of their summer.

Key to Who Can Take the Selected Course:

JHU = Johns Hopkins Undergraduates
VC = Visiting College Students, Adults, and others with at least a high school diploma
PC = Pre-College (high school) students, ages 16 – 17


2020 online courses will be posted soon