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Pre-College Students: Summer Institute

Classes for one week, knowledge for a lifetime.

We can’t make summer longer, but we can make it worth your while. With one-week institute courses at Johns Hopkins University, take advantage of practical, hands-on learning that will add appeal to your college application. From college prep classes to investigations into medical and applied science topics, immerse yourself in experiential learning that will have a positive impact on your college application, and in your life.

Courses run all day and will include classroom lectures, workshops, guest speakers, and field trips, all designed for optimum engagement. An excursion to Baltimore’s famed Inner Harbor will enhance your Johns Hopkins University experience.

  • Residential cost – $3,000
  • Non-Residential cost – $2,260

College credits earned: 1 credit per session except for the College Prep course

SessionAcademic Program DatesResidential Program Dates
Session 1June 22 - June 26, 2020June 21 - June 27, 2020
Session 2July 20 - July 24, 2020July 19 - July 25, 2020
Session 3July 27 - July 31, 2020July 26 - August 1, 2020

Summer Institutes 2020

The one-week Medical Exploration Institute at Johns Hopkins is not just an introduction to medicine; it’s an investigation of the philosophy and practice of medicine in the United States today. With hands-on activities and visit’s to world-famous hospitals and medical schools, the summer Medical Exploration Institute will provide you with deep insight into the most critical medical topics of the day. You will learn about:
  • Aseptic and sterile technique
  • Fracture reduction and stopping bleeding
  • Applying casts
  • Suturing
  • Patient simulations and interviews
  • Trauma medicine
  • Medical school admissions
  • Careers in health care and medicine
The summer Medical Exploration Institute will take one week, but your experiences will last a lifetime.

Medical Exploration Institute Sessions
Session 1June 22 - June 26, 2020
Session 2July 20 - July 24, 2020
Session 3July 27 - July 31, 2020
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Are you ready for an increasingly multidisciplinary university at this moment? Johns Hopkins Summer Pre-College Programs can give talented high school students the tools to prepare for an undergraduate environment in which even introductory courses are constructed with an eye to disciplinary synergies. They look not only to familiar shared territories (biology and chemistry) but also prepare the ground for bold leaps between disparate bodies of knowledge.

Medicine & The Body: Exploring Narrative Mysteries explores the powerful connections between medicine and the cluster of humanities and social sciences (including literature, anthropology, and history) involved in the study of how human beings tell stories.

Storytelling is the foundation of any civilization. Tales of ancient cultures remain as long, or even longer, then any physical trace they may leave behind. They are related and reinterpreted by each new generation.

Exploring Narrative Mysteries examines the profound and unexpected ways that the humanities intersect with medicine, science, and technology. It is a street with two-way traffic. Disease is a central concern in the human condition, recorded vividly in fiction, opera, and poetry, and studied in a variety of social sciences. Yet stories reside at the center of the medical experience, doctors and researchers often require the tools of consolation and inspiration possessed by the most compelling storytellers to be effective in their profession.

Medical Narratives Institute Sessions
Session 1June 22- June 26, 2020
Session 2July 20 - July 24, 2020
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Sports science and health is about more than just conditioning and nutrition. Student-athletes also depend on good mental health, sleep, work-life balance, injury management, and a positive outlook. The Johns Hopkins Summer Sports Science & Health Institute will help aspiring college athletes to build a personal plan to achieve success on and off the field. Led by Hopkins athletics staff and athletes, the Summer Sports Science & Health Institute will focus on a sound approach to time management, coping with stress, diet, performance, and personal well-being.

Sports Health and Nutrition Sessions
Session 2July 20 - July 24, 2020
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“College is a match to be made, not a prize to be won.”
Frank Sachs, former president of the National Association for College Admissions

Whether you need to kick-off your college search to find the right fit or work to refine your selection criteria, the summer Johns Hopkins College Prep Institute can help you put all the pieces of your strategy together. With insider tips from Johns Hopkins students, admissions staff, financial aid, and student life personnel, you will gather vital information, not only about what makes a successful admission at a highly selective college but also about how to select the right college for you.* The Johns Hopkins College Prep Institute will help you:
  • develop a balanced college list
  • research academic fit at target colleges & universities
  • understand the steps in the admissions process
  • gain mastery and confidence in test taking
  • explore the elements of a strong personal statement
  • learn about college resources for success

With coaching from an experienced college counselor, you will gain a better understanding of the college application process, a stronger sense of who you are as a student and what is most appealing to you in terms of college selection. Finally, you will hone the skills you will need to succeed in college and beyond.

College Prep Sessions
Session 1June 22 - June 26, 2020
Session 3July 27 - July 31, 2020
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*Disclaimer: Material shared by Johns Hopkins staff related to college search, selection, admissions, financial aid, and college life are for informational purposes only. No relationship between the College Prep Institute activities and successful admission to Johns Hopkins University (or any college or university) is asserted by JHU, its staff, agents, or affiliates.

Apply Now

Program Details

Length: One Week (3 sessions)

Residency: Homewood Campus

Application Deadline: 05/29/20

Program Requirements:

  • The Summer Institute Program is for pre-college (high school) students.
  • Must be at least 15 years old by June 22, 2020.
  • High school transcript (with Fall 2019 grades).
  • 3.0 grade point average (on a 4.0 scale).
  • One letter of recommendation, from a teacher or guidance counselor.
  • A submitted application, with payment of the non-refundable application fee of $85.
  • International students need English proficiency test scores (TOEFL, IELTS, or DET).
  • Upon acceptance, a non-refundable tuition deposit of: $1,000 for commuting students, $1,500 for residential students.