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Pre-College Students: JHU EducationUSA Academy

Johns Hopkins offers two EducationUSA Academy options:


JHU EducationUSA Academy (2 weeks, 1 credit)

The JHU EducationUSA Academy provides international high school students a world-class academic and cultural immersion experience. The academy is designed to introduce students to all aspects of academic life (academics, on-campus living. You will improve their academic English, get guidance on the university admission process—applications, essays, SAT/ACT prep, scholarship opportunities–, tour area colleges and universities, and engage in cultural, community and sports activities.

2-Week EducationUSA Academy Courses

This course provides students who are new to the study of higher education in the United States with an overview of the field and its opportunities. We will explore various topics such as the history and diversity of colleges and universities, the admissions process, introduction to library research, and campus diversity. The course is comprised of guest lecturers, campus tours to nearby institutions, readings, and personal statement writing workshops.
This course is for Native and Non-Native Speakers who wish to gain knowledge about writing at the college level. In College Writing, we will ask well-informed questions and attempt to answer those questions with the support of evidence. In the process, we will treat good writing not only as a product of good thinking but also as a tool for effective communication. To that end, we will plan, draft, and revise original essays in several genres in order to create finished pieces of writing.

Additionally, interested students can take advantage of Hopkins’s expertise by taking a course on a medical topic!

The Hopkins EducationUSA Academy offers 1 credit for the (2-week option) and 2 credits for the (4-week option).


JHU EducationUSA Academy and Medical Course (4 weeks, 2 credits)

First two weeks follow the Academy program, and the last two weeks students will take a Johns Hopkins course in a medical topic, with additional workshops on test prep, personal statements, and excursion options. Students must have a high command of English to be enrolled in this option.



  • Advance/Advanced Plus Academic English Language Courses (4- week non-native speakers)
  • College Writing Workshop (For 2-week students, native speakers, or near-native speakers)
  • History and Practices of U.S. Higher Education
  • American Culture
  • Medical Course (option of Health Industry Careers or Perspectives in Medicine)


EducationUSA Alumni Spotlight

Gregory Z., JHU EducationUSA Summer ’17, was accepted to Boston University.
Mazen K., JHU EducationUSA Summer ’18, was accepted into Johns Hopkins University.

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Program Details

Length: (2 week) or (4 week)

Tuition: $4138 to $7698

Residency: Homewood Campus

Program Requirements:

  • International Student Only (Native English and Non-Native English Speakers)
  • A submitted online application, waiver available for application fee
  • Upon acceptance, a non-refundable tuition deposit of $1,250
  • High School Transcript, including Fall 2018 grades
  • One Letter of Recommendation
  • English Proficiency Test scores (TOEFL, iELTS, or DET) for Non-Native Speakers