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About Summer Online Programs



Our summer online programs give you flexibility. Much instruction will be delivered asynchronously, meaning you will learn at your own pace, without the requirements of meeting a class at an appointed time and place. Instructors will facilitate the course, and they have high expectations for your learning and participation.

Each course will have daily or weekly deadlines associated with written coursework and reading assignments (e.g., discussion posts, quizzes, tests, presentations, & papers). Instructors will provide you with deadlines in advance, allowing students to plan their work accordingly.

Typically, during the first week of the course/program, instructors will survey possible meeting times, review student availability, and any possible conflicts. Instructors will then determine an ideal time to offer office hours and class meetings. Instructors may also list set meeting times within their syllabus.

Instructors will work hard to ensure that every effort is made to accommodate students’ schedules and availability. We encourage you to contact the instructor directly should they have any concerns regarding the proposed meeting times.

Live Interactions

If scheduling permits, course instructors may host synchronous (live) interactions, so that students have the opportunity to collaborate and engage with peers and deliberate in real-time.

If you are able, we strongly encourage you to attend these sessions. Recordings of those sessions will be made available for those who cannot participate. The program will also allow for other opportunities to engage with peers and course materials outside of the sessions.

What to Expect in an Online Class/Program

  • Programs move quickly. Expect to logon daily and looking for communication from your instructor.
  • Your instructor will pay close attention to your progress. Expect him or her to follow your interactions, make comments, and respond to your questions via email, chat, forums (and maybe sometimes on the phone).
  • Lessons and activities typically roll out daily or weekly. You should consult the course syllabus to determine the overall layout of the prorgam/course, expectations for written work submission, and the instructor’s grading policy.
  • You will devote the same amount of study time in an online course as you would in a face-to-face course.
  • Early engagement makes all the difference. You can’t wait until the very last minute to complete assignments and other course/program expectations.
  • Most courses/programs are asynchronous; since the constraints of time and place do not bind them, you are free to engage in the course on your schedule. Some courses/programs may have synchronous elements or events (such as office hours, review sessions, etc.), but for the most part, active learning is available to you 24/7.

Type of Interactions

  • Student-to-student
  • Student-to-instructor
  • post to the discussion forums
  • hands on activities (e.g. suturing practice, virtual lab activities etc.)
  • engage in challenging conversations with other students and their instructor. In some classes, group or peer projects and assignments allow students to collaborate as well.

Course Materials/Lab Supplies

All course materials and lab supplies will be shipped directly to the you. There are no additional costs for these materials. These items will be shipped to your home address listed in your application. If your address has changed, please email and provide your name and new mailing address. In the subject line please include the you first and last name and course materials/lab supplies (e.g., Jane Cook – course materials/lab supplies)

If you have not received  course materials or lab supplies prior to the program start date please contact the Director of Operations at  Please note: not all programs will require course materials or lab supplies. This information will be included in the welcome email from your instructor.

Instructor Communication

Instructors provide detailed email communication and personalized assignment feedback to their you and other students. You will also have  opportunities to chat with, speak to, hear, and see other students and their instructors at the weekly live meetings.