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For Faculty


 In planning your course, please note that our programs serve pre-college, visiting, and JHU undergraduate audiences. All course proposals must be submitted to your sponsoring department.


Please submit Intersession and B’More course proposals to your sponsoring department. Please be sure to include the following items:


Please submit Summer course proposals to your department. Please be sure to include the following items:


List of Johns Hopkins University Undergraduate Departments, Programs, and Centers

Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

Engineering Departments

Intersession 2020 Course Timeline

Intersession 2020 Course/Schedule Maintenance Timeline:

• Friday, September 13th – Deadline to submit new course forms and schedule change forms for Intersession by 4:00PM. Any form submitted after 4:30 PM on 9/13 will be processed, but the course may not be on the course proofs that the Registrar’s Office sends to departments.
Schedule Change Request and New Course Request forms are available online at:

• Friday, September 20th – CLSS closes to coordinators for making changes to Intersession 2020. Intersession 2020 schedule changes made in CLSS need to be submitted to workflow by 4:00 PM. If your department does not submit to workflow, ASEN Scheduling ( will do it for you. Therefore, please make sure you are making your Intersession 2020 course updates in CLSS.

• Monday, September 23rd – CLSS opens for the Office of Summer & Intersession Programs to review and approve all Intersession courses.

• Friday, September 27th – CLSS closes to Office of Summer Programs at end of the day.

• Monday, September 30th – The Office of Summer and Intersession will be notified instructors of approved courses and request that they submit any missing courses details to their Sponsoring department.

• Monday October 14th – Deadline for Instructors to submit any missing course details to their sponsoring department.

Monday, October 14th – Proofs distributed to Departments from ASEN Scheduling

• Friday, October 18th – Corrected Proofs due back to ASEN Scheduling

After this date sponsoring departments must submit all missing course details or course changes to ASEN Scheduling. Please submit all changes using the Schedule Change Request forms. These forms are available online at:

• Monday, November 4th – Intersession 2020 view on SIS (

• Monday, November 11th – Intersession 2020 Room Assignments distributed

• Friday, November 15th – Room assignments relocation requests due back to Registrar

• Monday, December 2nd– Intersession 2020 Registration begins

• January 6-January 24– Class Session Dates




Intersession Weather Related Information

Intersession Only




The University normally makes decisions regarding weather-related closures and delays by 6 AM.  Please check the University’s home page and your email for the official Announcement. Due to accreditation, each course must meet a minimum of 15 instructional hours for a 1-credit course and 30 instructional hours for a 2-credit course. Lab courses are 30 instructional hours for a 1-credit course. Should the cancellation/delay cause you to fall under the minimum, please schedule a make-up class.


There is some flexibility in how that time is made up, and therefore we give you the following recommendations. It is entirely up to you as to how you would like to proceed.


1)      Saturday, 26 January  has been scheduled as an official make-up day for weather related cancellations. Please contact the Scheduling Office to secure a room by emailing

2)      You have the option to schedule a different date (not Saturday, 26 January) as a make-up class after consultation with your students. To do so, you should email the Scheduling Office at to secure a class room. You may inquire whether your current room or a similar room is available. Scheduling will let you know if your request can be honored. 

3) Record your lecture and make it available on BlackBoard. The CER staff are available to assist you with this, please email them at if you have any questions.

Follow this link to upload your lecture.

 (Note: Do not select audio as the content type – it will take longer, simply stay with file as shown on the above link)

You will need to make certain your students can access the file. This can be done in the 4 easy steps as shown here.

For those wanting to make an audio file of their lecture, Audacity is a free software that you can use to do so.

Additionally, JHU now has a license for Panopto, which is also a software used to make audio (and video) recordings that easily integrates with BlackBoard. Additional information about Panapto can be found here  If you would prefer to use Panapto, please send an email to CER  for more information.

If a student is unable to attend the makeup class, please choose an alternative approach. Some students will have work, other classes, or commitments. You can choose to have them write an essay or make up the class in some other way.


In all cases, please be sure to email the students with the make-up instructions (date, time, location) and please keep us informed by emailing so we can direct any inquiries. You may schedule a make-up meeting in consultation with your students, but remember to contact the Registrar’s Scheduling Office to secure a room if you are meeting in person. 


Summer 2019 Course Proposal Guidelines and Policies

Summer 2019 Course Proposal Guidelines and Policies

Discover Hopkins programs serve only talented pre-college students. Discover Hopkins program is two weeks in length (session ) and there are three sessions. We have experienced a significant growth in these programs. Discover Hopkins Programs are geared toward talented high school students. Discover Hopkins offers intensive theme-based courses. Instructors lead students through the topic with 10 lectures. In the afternoons, instructors invite guest speakers–faculty, alumni, and experts who are leading researchers or practitioners on the subject. We enhance student learning of the topic with a variety of guided field trips, led by the instructor.

Mini-Term courses (1 credit) are also open to pre-college, visiting, and JHU undergraduate students. They also run for three 2 week sessions. These courses are usually adapted versions of current undergraduate courses.

Summer-Term is composed of two 5-week terms (ST I and ST II) and the two sessions offer JHU traditional undergraduate courses. ST I attracts primarily JHU students and consists of sophomores and junior classes. ST II draws a diverse international and domestic undergraduate population along with highly selective pre-college students. Please plan your courses accordingly.

Summer Immersion programs serve only talented pre-college students. Summer Immersion program is one week in length (session) and there is one session. This program has been newly added this year. Courses run all day and will include classroom lectures, workshops, guest speakers, and field trips, all designed for optimum engagement. An excursions to Baltimore’s famed Inner Harbor and a trip to Washington, DC, will enhance your Johns Hopkins University experience.Residential program only; Non-Credit Guidelines

We ask that you respect your department’s policy on course proposals. Before proposing your Summer course, you are invited to consult with the faculty and/or administrators of the department sponsoring your course with regard to procedures. Please note that some departments require approval before submitting your course proposal.

Summer Course Proposal Submissions

Summer proposals should be submitted via the OSIP summer course proposal portal. Log in using your JHED ID. If you do not have a JHED ID, please contact Rita Trulinos at

Please note that you will not be able to submit this proposal until it is complete. Please make sure that all information is accurate.


The following guidelines are designed to help you plan your course offering:

Deadline to Submit Proposal


November 9, 2018– December 5, 2018
2019 Program Dates









Summer Term I: May 28-June 28
Summer Term II: July 1- August 2
Discover Hopkins I: June 24 – July 5
Discover Hopkins II: July 8 – July 19
Discover Hopkins III: July 22 – August 2
Mini-Term I: June 24 – July 5
Mini-Term II: July 8 – July 19
Mini-Term III: July 22 – August 2





The campus is closed, and no classes will be held on the following days:
Memorial Day: Monday, May 27th
Independence Day: July 4th.

Lecture Hours/Lab credit







· 1 credit: at least 15 contact hours

· 2 credits: at least 30 contact hours

· 3 credits: at least 45 contact hours

· 4 credits: at least 60 contact hours

· Lab credit hours are allocated as 30 hours/credit.

Grading Options








· Letter Grades

· S/U

· There is no AUDIT status

Submitting Grades

Please read the Registrar’s instructions for posting grades via SIS.

Teaching Assistants and Grader







Teaching assistants and graders are available for select courses based on enrollment. Please email Andrea Abiamiri, Associate Director of OSIP and Director of PreCollege Programs Approval is needed by Summer Programs for TAs and graders. Salary guidelines have been established by the Dean’s Office and must be adhered to when hiring.

Course Decisions








Course offerings will be selected in consultation with the academic department sponsoring the class. The proposed course schedule (days/times/session) may be amended. The final decision on whether or not to offer a proposed course rests solely with the Office of Summer and Intersession Programs.










Courses that do not meet a minimum enrollment are subject to cancellation. Course are reviewed approximately one month prior to program start date in order to evaluate enrollment. Below are the specific notification dates. However, Johns Hopkins University reserves the right to cancel classes at any time, including the first day of class or thereafter. Program staff will make every effort to review cancellations well in advance and notify effected students at least four weeks ahead of time.


In these circumstances, Summer and Intersession Program staff will make every effort to advise visiting and pre-college students of alternate courses in order to meet students’ academic goals. Current JHU students should contact their academic advisor.

Summer Term I

Tuesday April 30

Summer Term II

Monday June 9

DH/MT/SI – Session I

May 28

DH/MT/EdUSA – Session II

June 10

DH/MT – Session III

June 24

Pay Dates





Upon receipt of signed faculty contract by the deadline of April 14, 2019, as follows:

Term I: June 15th and June 28th

Term II: July 15th and July 31th



To request a JHED ID for an instructor from outside of JHU, please contact Rita Trulinos at

Summer Procedure and Timeline

  • Now – December 7, 2018, Faculty, instructors, graduate students or department coordinator/chair must submit all undergraduate-level course proposals using the online course proposal submission form. Enter your JHED ID and password to access the proposal site.
  • December 21, 2018, The Department Chairs or administrator will have this period to review course proposals using the online course proposal submission form. They will use their JHED ID and password to access the proposal site. Notification is via the online course proposal site, by clicking either approved or denied and pressing the Update Status button
  • December 2018 Office of Summer Programs will continuously post and update a Preview of Courses as available so that students can plan their spring courses with a preliminary summer schedule of classes.
  • January 18, 2019, Last day (no exceptions) to make changes to the summer schedule of classes.
  • February 8, 2019 Instructors of accepted courses will be emailed.
  • February 20, 2019 Summer course schedules will be updated and viewable on SIS.
  • Mid-Late March Instructor contracts will be mailed.
  • April 8, 2019, Signed contracts due back to Summer Office.
  • April 5, 2019, final syllabi, book order forms, desk copies, AV requests due. Book orders due to Barnes & Noble: Instructors are responsible for placing their own book orders via the website: Faculty Enlight. If you are unable to do so, please ask your academic coordinator.


Visa Clearance: If you are at the university on a visa, it is imperative that you contact the Office of International Services (OIS) prior to submitting a course proposal to find out if you are cleared to teach a course. Unauthorized employment for scholars on a J-1 visa is serious and could result in the scholar’s immigration status being terminated and an immediate departure from the U.S. Acceptance of your course proposal does not indicate that your status to teach has been cleared by OIS. It is your responsibility to verify your eligibility to teach. If you hold an H-1B visa, you must inform our office. Special permission is required.

Submit all course proposals here

Directions on how to access SIS (e.g., upload grades and view rosters) for Faculty please visit the Office of Registrar’s Training Module.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Andrea Abiamiri, Associate Director,


FAQ for Intersession and Summer


What is SIS?

SIS is the Student Integration System is Johns Hopkins’ first university-wide, web-based student information system. Students can select courses in a shopping cart to allow for better course planning and easy registration, update and maintain contact information, and review enrollment and grade information.

In addition, faculty can do the following:

More information on how to use SIS can be found here.

How do I find out which classroom I will be using?

 To view your classroom assignment and course roster click here ; log in, after making your term and course selections, click the “View” link, lastly click the “Faculty and Class Information” link. If you have any difficulty logging in, please e-mail the registrar’s office at . While some room assignments may be viewable, they are not considered finalized until at least 2 weeks before the start of each term. Room assignments can, and sometimes do, change up to the two weeks out from class starting mark.  Once you have your classroom assignment, we strongly recommend that you visit your room and test the A/V equipment prior to the first day of class.

 My classroom is locked.  Whom do I call to unlock it?

Please call JHU Campus Safety and Security at (410) 516-4600. Some rooms can be opened by swipe card, most notably those in Gilman. If you do not have J-card access please contact the J-card office at (410)516-5121 or

How can I find out what technical resources my classroom is outfitted with?
Please visit the JHU KIT-Classroom and Audiovisual Support website for more information.

Where and how do I order textbooks for my course?

Place your textbook order with the JHU Barnes & Noble Book Center.  You may order online at Faculty Enlight.  Textbooks should be ordered 6-8 weeks before the start of classes.  If you are NOT ordering textbooks, please notify the book center at so you can be taken off their missing order list.  


How do I log into Blackboard?

Many instructors utilize Blackboard to facilitate their courses. First time login instructions can be found : here

 How do I receive assistance for Blackboard functionality?

There are many ways to utilize Blackboard and an instruction set for each is provided here .

Additional assistance can be obtained from the Center for Educational Resources by emailing them at

 How do I put library materials on reserve for my students?  

Please click here. If you have any questions, please contact Abby Collier, Reserve Room Supervisor, at 410-516-8377 or .


Where do I get student evaluation forms?  When can I see my evaluations? Online student evaluations are administered by the Registrar’s Office.  You will receive notification and instructions via email.  Please contact for assistance.


When/where do I submit student grades?

Grades are submitted to the Registrar’s office.  If you have questions, please call Pat Gray, Records Supervisor, at 410-516-7116.  Grades must be submitted 48 hours after your last class. Only S/U grades should be submitted for Intersession Courses. The only exceptions are Study Abroad courses and Intensive Language Courses, which are taught for 3 credits and a letter grade. Instructors may use Blackboard to submit grades if they wish to. Additional information can be found here:


Do you provide parking?

Our office does not provide instructor parking.  If you do not already have Homewood campus parking arrangements in place, please visit the JHU Parking Office website for visitor parking locations.


I am a new instructor and could use some additional help, advice, and/or training.  Is there anything available?

Yes, individual help is available through the Center for Educational Resources: or 410-516-8633.


Whom do I contact regarding contract or payroll questions?

Please e-mail Lori Henley:



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