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Required Forms

You’re One Step Closer to Summer at Johns Hopkins!

Congratulations on your acceptance to Johns Hopkins Summer Programs! JHU Summer Programs offers excellent opportunities to help you achieve your academic goal!

Enrollment Documents

The following documents need to be received within 10 business days of your acceptance letter

  1. JHU Summer Program Policies signature page
  2. Program Deposit
  3. Admissions Decision Form
  4. Official Transcript

The following documents need to be received at least 10 business days before program start date

  1. Proof of Insurance (Front and back photos of the card, in English, with policy number and insurance contact number)
  2. Medical Forms (Physicians forms and Student Health Record)
  3. Medical Consent Form
  4. Travel Itinerary (if needed, only for under 18 students)
  5. Student Disability Form, Contact the Office for Student Disability Services (only if requesting accommodations)
  6. Any remaining balance due. Please contact the Student Accounts Office with payment inquiries.

Where to View and Submit Enrollment Documents?

Log into your application to view and submit these forms. You may submit these forms to our office by uploading the documents to your application portal or emailing them to us at

Course Registrations and I-20

  • Course registrations are first come first served. Seats are not held. Students who do not submit these documents within the time specified will be either removed from the acceptance pool, or risk being unenrolled and withdrawn from their class(es).
  • Refunds will not be provided to unenrolled and withdrawn students who did not submit their documents 10 business days before program start date.
  • As soon as your documents are received, we can submit your course registrations.
  • International students must submit their Official Transcript before an I-20 request can be initiated.


Space is limited! Submit soon! Don’t miss your chance at a great summer!