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Course Change & Refund Timelines


You may elect to drop, add, or change your summer registration from a previous course(s) registration by enacting a request with the appropriate administrative office:

  • Johns Hopkins University students, use the Student Information System (SIS) to change your summer enrollment.
  • Visiting students and pre-college students, initiate a course change by sending an email to the Summer Admissions/Enrollment Officer at Be sure to include your full name, JHU Student ID number, and detailed information about course(s).


If you elect to not attend or stop attending your course or program, you must notify Johns Hopkins University of your decision in writing.

  • Johns Hopkins University students, use the Student Information System (SIS) to enact a drop a course or courses, or to withdraw from your enrollment.
  • Visiting students and pre-college students, initiate a withdrawal by send an email to the Admissions/Enrollment Officer at Be sure to include your full name, JHU Student ID number, and detailed information about course(s).


Withdrawal does not necessarily release students from financial obligations to the university.  A Refund Schedule (below) determines the amount of tuition and/or fee charge or payment made that is available for return to students or families.

Non-attendance, discontinuity of study, or abandonment of your course(s) or program is not a form of withdrawal.  Students who fail to notify the university (consistent with the directions above) will continue to be charged for their course(s) or program.

The Office of the Registrar publishes the official withdrawal schedule. Click here for more information.


Pre-college and visiting undergraduate applicants should pay the application fee and the program deposit through their JHU Summer Programs application.  All remaining program expenses are billed directly to students by the University’s Student Accounts office.  Students may view charges and clear (pay) remaining balances through the  Student Information System. Payment is due upon receipt. If program fees are not paid in full at least 10 days before the start of the program, you may be withdrawn from the program.

Payment & Clearance of Account

Any outstanding balance on a student account must be resolved before final enrollment is permitted.  Payment for summer tuition and fees is due immediately upon notification of charges, and no later than ten (10) days before the course or program begins.

Uncleared accounts (defined as $0 balance) on or after the payment deadline are subject to administrative action by the university, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • A registration hold
  • Withdrawal for non-payment
  • And/or the balance may be forwarded to a collection agency for action (collection fees will be charged to the student and a report made to credit bureaus).

Confirmation Deposits

Most summer students must pay the program’s confirmation deposit (amount varies by program) before they can enroll in any courses.  The deposit is paid against charges on the student account, thereby reducing the amount owed.  Program confirmation deposits are not refundable. 

Refund Schedule (College, Summer Term)

Program90% Refund75% Refund50% RefundNo Refund
Summer Term I
(Including 5 Week Online Course)
May 26 - May 29May 30 - June 3June 4 - June 8June 9 and thereafter
Summer Term II
(Including 5 Week Online Course)
June 29 - July 2July 3 - July 7July 8 - July 12July 13 and thereafter
10 Week Courses (Online)May 26 - May 31June 1 - June 6June 7 - June 12June 13 and thereafter
8 Week Courses (Online)
June 8 - June 12June 13 - June 18June 19 - June 24June 25 and thereafter
If the university cancels a course without indicating an alternate course option, a full tuition refund is granted. No refunds are granted for travel expenses, room and board, and program fees.

To request a refund after the no-refund dates in the table above, please complete the Refund Appeal Request form and email it to us at When filing the refund appeal, please include any documentation that might support your claim. Johns Hopkins University considers refund appeals case by case, and may deny any refund appeal.

Refund Schedule (Pre-College Programs)

ProgramSession 1Session 2Session 3
One-Week Programs,
May 18, 2020 and thereafterJune 15, 2020 and thereafterJune 22, 2020 and thereafter
Two-Week Programs, Academy & IntensiveMay 18, 2020 and thereafterJune 1, 2020 and thereafterJune 15, 2020 and thereafter

Students who withdraw will not receive a refund of the confirmation deposit payment.  To receive a full reversal of charges and a refund on payments, students must withdraw by the dates listed in the Refund Schedule (Pre-College Programs) table.  Otherwise, charges will remain and full-payment is required, regardless of attendance.

No Refund if Dismissed by Johns Hopkins University

No refund of tuition & fees, or payments made to Johns Hopkins University will be permitted in cases where the student is dismissed, administratively withdrawn, suspended, or expelled due to academic, conduct, or other violations of JHU or Summer Programs codes of conduct and policies.

Course Cancellation Policy

Johns Hopkins University reserves the right to cancel a summer course or courses for personnel or administrative reasons, including low enrollment.  Course  and program enrollments are reviewed approximately four weeks prior to the start dates, and cancellations are generally made at that time.  Program staff will make every effort to notify affected students of cancellations at least four weeks before the start of the course. However, Johns Hopkins University reserves the right to cancel courses at any time leading up to, and including, the first week of classes.

A full-refund of charges and payments will be made to students who cannot find an alternate course, or who do not wish to continue with summer registration.When courses are canceled, our staff will advise pre-college students and visiting undergraduates of suitable alternative course options. Current JHU students should consult their academic advisor.

No refunds are permitted for travel expenses, room, board, and program fees.

Force Majeure

Johns Hopkins University assumes no responsibility for failure to provide services indicated or implied in the program or agreements due to force majeure. In the context of the summer enrollment in college, pre-college, residential and commuter programs, force majeure will mean fire, flood, earthquake, natural disasters of any sort, litigation, strikes, work stoppage, electrical power failure, labor unrest, riots, civil disturbances, war, terrorism, epidemics, power of government, or any cause like or unlike stated above, which is beyond the reasonable control of the university.